Sunday, July 6, 2014

Samsung giveaway

Taken from Kim's blog Savvysouthernstyle:   "If you have followed me along on instagram, facebook, and twitter for the last month then you know I have been sharing some photos taken with this camera, the Samsung NX300 20.3MP SMART Microless with 20-50mm lens. Now, don't ask me what all those numbers mean, but this is a great camera. It's lightweight and will easily fit in my purse. This will be my new take with me everywhere camera."

Tuesday, June 10, 2014   Rhoda has a great Father's Day drawing on her blog today. Go on over and check this out you may just keep it for yourself if you win it that is.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Three Years!

A few knock out roses in an antique creamer, these are some of my favorite images  around my home. 
This is the smallest cross stitch on the corner of this hankie. One of my favorites in my collection.
I don't know how I let 3 years go by without a single post. Oh my. I did love blogging. I can do it again.  I know that blogging has evolved since I started and I want to evolve as well.  I am considering starting again. Perhaps with a new image or a business model?
When I jumped in 6 years ago I really didn't know what I was doing or why I was doing it.  I just knew I liked doing it!
So if any of you have some sound advise or suggestions for me I would love some feedback.
I remember when I stumbled onto the world of blogging. I wanted to refinish/paint some furniture I had bought on Craigslist, so I googled how to "refinish" furniture. I stumbled onto a blog or two and that was it.  I was smitten! Or maybe it was a curse?
Now there is Facebook, Instagram, Etsy, Twitter, but really in blog land there is more so much more. On a blog you can really get to know someone, well at least the parts they want you to know. But you can get a sense if their personality, their design sense, their talents, and you can identify with them in some way. That is the part I like. The comments, the words that can reach across the miles, sometimes they mean so much. And the inspiration I get from many of you out there, like from Kim at Savvysouthernstyle and Rhoda at southernhospitality, these 2 lady's have evolved and they have made a career and a way if life, that not only benefits them but many others they come in contact with. Now there is some inspiration. Rhoda was there in the beginning and she was so kind to encourage me and give some pointers. I will always be grateful to her for that.
So I digress, I'm going to jump back into this world of blogging. Wish me luck!