Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Old Haviland China/12 place settings


Well I don’t usually do this, but this beautiful pattern of Haviland, called Varenne is a really old pattern.  Each piece is numbered.  I have placed them on Craigslist and should probably be putting them on E-Bay.  There are 97 pieces all together, not any scratches or chips, excellent condition.  12 Dinner plates, 12 bread and butter plates, 12 cups, 12 saucers and 1 oval serving bowl.  This set belongs to my mom.  She is asking $500.  I looked them up and found some pieces listed on e-bay.

The following are the e-bay prices:

The cup and saucers sets were listed for $24.99 each.

Bread and butter plates $12.99 each.

Oval bowl $38.99.

Did not find the Dinner plates on e-bay but they have to be worth about $24.99 each.

So you can see if you add this up with 12 of everything it would easily be $1000.00.

DSC01132 DSC01133 DSC01134 DSC01135

Aren’t they beautiful?DSC01136 DSC01137 DSC01138 DSC01140 DSC01143

You can really see the pattern in these pictures! 

Does anyone know what it means that each one has a different number stamped on the back?

DSC01141 DSC01142

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bordallo and more

I have always admired many of the Bordallo plate collections I have seen on some of your blogs.  Well I happened upon 2 plates and a bowl at the GW, I spotted then on the bottom shelf and swooped down on them like a vulture on it’s prey.  The cost for each piece!!! Wait for it… 0.59 cents each!!!  I know they are yellow and you don’t usually see them in yellow, but I think they are beautiful and yellow happens to be one of my colors.
 halloween 003
This was also found on the same day, I paid a little more than I wanted, but it won me over with the sweet little feet on the bottom and the lid with its lidded top.  It was $3.99.
halloween 004 
This is something I have had in a drawer for a few years , finally I painted that part of the kitchen so I could go ahead and hang them.  The spoons were a gift from my SIL, the holder I happened upon at the hospital gift shop, perfect score.
halloween 002

halloween 001

Join me at Whatever goes Wednesday

Yes I know I haven’t been posting forever, I still check in on my favorite bloggers from time to time.  Hopefully life will slow down, but not looking like it will anytime soon.  My parents are moving from out of state to live just a few miles away from me.  I still work full time and our 2 son’s (20 and 24) are still close and need our time and attention and money.
So I will post when I can.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Before and After, Welcome

door 001

This is what our front door has been since we bought the house 4 years ago, white is okay, but it shows everything and always getting dirty and buggy, this is Florida.

So Hubby and I decided to change it up.  I took him to Home Depot with me, figured he would have to like it if I let him pick the color, we knew we wanted blue, I thinking something dark and subdued, he thinking blue, like University of Florida, blue.  So he and the paint guy have this conversation and well Home Depot has all the college colors, soooo.  To make this story shorter I painted two coats of Florida Blue on the front door, and well lets just say it was visible from Florida Field, our front door was glowing!!  Even Hubby didn’t like it.

So I returned to Home Depot by myself and found a better shade of blue, don’t you think?

door2 001

By the way the husband is very pleased with the color and told me I did an excellent job!!

door2 002

The wire basket is from SL,m the leaves I picked up at Michaels last week,

door2 003 door2 004 door2 005

The mums are sort of Orange so we got our Gator colors in the end! 

door2 006

Little bird in the pot says Welcome!

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Banana Pudding

I am hooking up with Foodie Friday, go here for more fabulous dishes!

I found a website called Back of the Box, have you ever visited this site?  I found the original Nilla banana pudding recipe.  I have made it before using the recipe on the back of the box.  But my Nilla Wafer box did not have the recipe.  Go figure. 

This is the recipe doubled... Yummy!  It is always better when you make it this way, from scratch on the double boiler.  This is how my MIL always makes it, it is a family tradition.
This will be consumed during the Florida-Tennessee game tomorrow!  Go Gators

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Not quite fall tablescape

It has been too long since my last post…  Life has just been too busy.  Between my husbands parent and my parents and adult children who refuse to grow up, we have had our hands full.  Anyone relate? 
I had a good time puttering a little prior to my parents recent visit with us.  Also pulled out a bunch of stuff and sold some in a garage sale the rest went to the GW.
house 001 house 002 house 003 I sort of had fall on my mind but not really, the roosters and the fruit in the cloche kind of hint to fall.
house 004 Do you see my toile chair covers?  I should have taken better pictures of them.  They are Waverly chair covers, I found 2 of them at the GW for $5.  Later I found 2 of them on Ebay and won them for $40.  They are some of my favorite things.
house 005 This table runner was a find at the GW.  The rooster salt and pepper shakers, GW too.
house 007 house 008 house 009 The topiary bought at Hobby Lobby a couple years ago, I love how the ivy covers it.
house 010 house 011 house 014 This rooster hails from Homegoods.house 015 This is a cup and saucer found at GW.
house 017 love how this red saucer goes with the other reds on the table.  The saucer and creamer also from my collection of GW finds, none of them are recent finds, but isn’t fun to have a collection of finds to play with.
house 018 house 020 Hope you have fun playing with your collections as you prepare for fall.  It has been way too hot here to really feel like fall yet, although with football in full swing it sort of feels like it is just around the corner.
I'm joining Marty at Tabletop Tuesday and Making the World Cuter Monday

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Empire Gold Mine

I recently took a trip to this place.  These pictures were taken on the grounds of the mine owner’s summer cottage.  The mine originated in 1850.  It is located near Colfax, CA, nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Mountains.
empire mine 144
empire mine 016
empire mine 018 As you approach this cottage these grand Urns.  Oh boy do I love these puppies.empire mine 019 empire mine 021 empire mine 022 Look at this incredible detail and the lighting was so great. empire mine 024 empire mine 023
The front of the cottage is flanked by double fountains, and just beyond the row of bushes you see in the picture above it drops down to a reflecting pond and another fountain that comes out of the wall.
empire mine 026 empire mine 027 empire mine 028 Another great planter.empire mine 030 empire mine 031

empire mine 033 empire mine 034

empire mine 051
empire mine 038 empire mine 052 empire mine 053 empire mine 056 empire mine 060 empire mine 061

empire mine 067 empire mine 075