Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mom’s China Cabinet

TN spring and more 32
I recently took the time to really look at my mom’s china, I grew up with most of it and loved and cherished it then, but memories fade.  Looking at them again made me feel like a was a child again, all the memories of growing up are intermingled with these dishes and home.  These Franciscan Ivy dishes were our “special” dishes and were used for company, on Sabbath and for celebrations like graduations, Christmas you know..
TN spring and more 36
TN spring and more 38
TN spring and more 39
Hoping some day they will be mine.
The hand painted plates below were in my father’s family, they are very precious heirlooms and I hope they too will find their way into my cabinet someday.
TN spring and more 40
TN spring and more 41
TN spring and more 42
I think the green is my favorite, I love the wild roses and the way the stems and spent blooms are included.
TN spring and more 43
TN spring and more 47
TN spring and more 46
TN spring and more 48
I believe that these were either hand painted my my aunt or grandmother, can’t remember which. 
TN spring and more 49
TN spring and more 50
TN spring and more 54
TN spring and more 55
TN spring and more 56
So the cabinet below reveals random plates that mom has collected through the years and now I know where I get my plate obsession from.  Oh dear.
TN spring and more 58
This is another hand painted piece from my father’s family collection.  Exquisite don’t you think?
TN spring and more 60
This is hand cut piece of crystal, very heavy, I think it is a sugar dish resting in a small bowl.
Mom has a few more dishes packed away, including some pink depression glass and beautiful china, that she has acquired since I left home, did not get pictures this trip, but will next time.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Red, White and Blue and a Butter dish too!


This is my new butter dish from Anthropologie.  I am so loving this little beauty.  Join the party at Rhoda's Thrifty Treasures and see more.



 This blue vase is my newest treasure, found for $.99.  The glasses are SL found at GW, set of 4 for $1.

This is my attempt at a festive holiday table scape.  I love how the colors just pop and look so cheery.  The dishes are not really all that special.  Everything on the table was found while thrifting at the GW, except the flatware, that was purchased at Tuesday Morning and it is our everyday service.  Oh and actually the placemats are Christmas placemats turned over, snowmen on the other side.  Ha ha.007 008 009 010 012 013 014

Flowers are an arrangement I picked up from Publix.  Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday.  Isn’t the 4th of July fun?