Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sunflowers in a Vintage Crock

This is my new treasure, a 2 Gallon Crock, this is something my mom has had for many years, she used to keep it near the front door with umbrellas in it.  I am loving my new crock.  Put some fresh Sunflowers from the grocery store in it today and had a photo shoot on the lanai.

Such beautiful handles!

Isn't she great? Or is it just me?

I'm going to hook up to "Wow Us Wednesday" at Kim's blog Savvy Southern Style 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I'm Baaackk, Fun Thrifty Finds

I was so excited to find these babies for $4/each.  It wasn't until a few weeks later that someone asked me if I knew I had 2 "left feet"?  Too funny it never even occurred to me.

 It was a good score for red that day.  The bolt of fabric was my splurge, even though it comes out to something like only $3/yard, a very good price for decorator fabric.
Still trying to decide what to do with all the fabric, something like 13 yards?
Can you see how nicely it goes with my Red Waverley Toile chair covers?  

Wanted one of these ever since I saw Kim's on Savvy Southern Style.  A Santos doll ....Did you know ??....Santos are carvings, either in wood or ivory, that depict saints, angels, or other religious figures.  I just looked that up aren't I smart?   This one came from Home Goods. Join Kim for Wow Us Wednesday, today.

The bean pot is a McCoy, but after I purchased I found it was cracked, somehow it ruined the charm for me and I have since donated it to the GW.

I threw some yardage up on the window to see if this what I want to do with the fabric.  Whatcha think? I'm not sure?  Window coverings are so hard for me, they are mostly bare in my house, with the exception of blinds.

Thanks for stopping in.  I am so happy to be blogging again.  As always looking forward to your comments.


Monday, August 1, 2011

Montclair, NJ

Hey there, friends… It’s been months since my last real post.  I just learned that I could check my blog stats and it energized me when I saw that I had so many hits almost 9,000 and from all around the globe.  So very cool.  So I am going to get back into this and have some fun.


We took a trip to NYC and  visited my brother in Montclair, NJ.  What an amazing trip for us, my husbands first time to the Big Apple.


Our visit started here on this lovely street in Montclair, NJ. My brother has lived in this very old apartment building for over 15 years.


These are the steps, 3 flights of them up to his one bedroom flat.  No elevators in this building and the laundry is in the basement.  Can’t imagine that arrangement for 15 days let alone 15 years.  But that is a bachelor for you!


Very old woodwork detail and Crown Molding.


Now that my brother is getting married and moving out…. hmmm wonder if he’d let me have this little clock?


His style is very eclectic with treasures from his travels around the world.


A small vignette with a picture of the fiancĂ©' that he took.  So beautiful!



Again the stairs, look at that patina.


Old mosaic marble tiles.


Another apartment building on the street.



Anyone know what this tree is? Wigelia is what comes to mind but not sure?DSC08859

Thanks for coming along with me on this little tour.