Sunday, October 25, 2009

Faux Finishes

Just thought I would share some interesting wall finishes. This is a friends home in Denver. This was done by a professional decorator. A very bold choice. This home is beautiful!

This the lovely guest room is where we stayed. Their is a white decal on the wall. love it!!!

This is another guest room, with harlequin finish on the wall.

This is another friends house, he used to have his own business, just doing faux finishes. His work is fabulous. This is a picture of one of their bathrooms. he got this affect by using spreading cheesecloth on the wall and then removing it. Not sure what paint or stain he used, but I love the look. It reminds me of leather.

Here is he closeup!

This is their son's room. The wall is painted. That is no a brick wall, ya'll, just looks like it. Cool huh? Sorry this is so dark a picture.

This is a mural of Jacksonville skyline.

This is a wall in a bathroom. So neat.

This is the ceiling in the dinin room. Looks like a tin ceiling, but is really all paper that was painted.

This is probably my favorite surface in his house. This wall is in the breakkfast area.
Don't know how he does this one.

Hope you enjoyed these pictures!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

White Wednesday

I am joining Faded Charm for White Wednesday. Go on over there and see all the participants posts.

This is White Wednesday. You know there are several bloggers out there that collect tureen's, especially white ironstone, well I now have 2 such tureen's. This one I found the other day at the GW. Oh it is a beauty! I have never seen one like this.

The bottom. Does any one know anything about this mark?

Isn't that a sweet sheep?

Even with the top removed I love it!

This is a white beaded purse, also purchased at GW several months ago. It is in perfect condition, clean and intact. I would be willing to sell it if someone is interested.

It has a matching coin purse. The label says Walborg, made in Belgium.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fruit of Her Labor

This post is in honor of my dear mother. This is about the fruits of her labor. Ever since I can remember my mom has tirelessly labored for us, her family. I remember when I was growing up I didn't really understand why she always had an agenda and it always revolved around some kind of work. I dreaded it many times when I was in the garden hoeing or weeding or picking. Then later when it was time to can or freeze I hated it, well hate is a strong word and probably inaccurate, because it was a hate/love relationship. You see the end product was just so yummy, I mean just look at the pictures.

As an adult, I now understand the tireless hours of laboring for your family, I too have enjoyed the fruits of my own labor, as has my husband and children. I know that my son's don't fully understand the kind of love that drives us mom's to labor, the driving force that leads to the tired to the bone, aching back, sacrifices that we make. And not that they are felt as sacrifices, I mean no one makes us do the things we do, we do it because it we want to. It is how we show our love.

I love you mom! You do it all because you want to, because you love us.

Don't these pickles look fabulous? Just a couple of weeks ago I traveled to TN to see my folks and of course my mom sent me home with a couple dozen jars of fruits and vegetables, not to mention a ton of fresh okra, sweet peppers and apples.

Here's my mom picking her bumper crop of okra. It is several feet above her head. This is the first year that mom has gardened without my dad helping her. Daddy's health has been declining and he doesn't have the strength to help. Of course I worry that she does too much, but I know how much she enjoys it.

Okra on the stalk. Can't you just taste that home fried-okra, mmm.

Here is mom picking her sweet peppers.

She had all colors of peppers. A real bumper crop too.

She didn't grow these apples, but purchased them from a nearby orchard.

This is the back of their home. You can see the garden in the foreground. She has raised beds that my dad constructed for her a couple of years ago.

Oops another basket of apples, aren't they beautiful!!!

Wouldn't you love this in your pantry? Labor of Love I tell you!

Another picture of garden, this photo was taken in the late afternoon, on a beautiful fall day.

This is the fabulous view from the front porch.

Front view of the house.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

More Fall Fluffing, Ya'lll

I have added some pumpkins to my Fall decor. Amazing how some real pumpkins can liven things up.

A basket with Indian corn and ugly squash, gord thingy.

This is in my kitchen, the brown and white pitcher is McCoy and really reminds me of fall.

See the cute button detail? My mother gave this to me several years ago. Love it!

2 white pumpkins added to the dining table.

Recent fid at GW, ceramic artichoke.

Urns found at Michaels on deep discount a couple of months ago

More pictures of my lovely pumpkin tureen!