Sunday, October 25, 2009

Faux Finishes

Just thought I would share some interesting wall finishes. This is a friends home in Denver. This was done by a professional decorator. A very bold choice. This home is beautiful!

This the lovely guest room is where we stayed. Their is a white decal on the wall. love it!!!

This is another guest room, with harlequin finish on the wall.

This is another friends house, he used to have his own business, just doing faux finishes. His work is fabulous. This is a picture of one of their bathrooms. he got this affect by using spreading cheesecloth on the wall and then removing it. Not sure what paint or stain he used, but I love the look. It reminds me of leather.

Here is he closeup!

This is their son's room. The wall is painted. That is no a brick wall, ya'll, just looks like it. Cool huh? Sorry this is so dark a picture.

This is a mural of Jacksonville skyline.

This is a wall in a bathroom. So neat.

This is the ceiling in the dinin room. Looks like a tin ceiling, but is really all paper that was painted.

This is probably my favorite surface in his house. This wall is in the breakkfast area.
Don't know how he does this one.

Hope you enjoyed these pictures!


  1. I enjoyed this post. I did decorative painting for 15 years and did a lot of things similar to these. I'm too tired to climb up the scaffolding now!!!

  2. I have done some faux but the thing to remember is when you tire of it your wall is no longer smooth but at all different levels and needs major sanding to get back to smooth walls. I am too lazy for that.

  3. Those are so impressive! I'm too chicken to try anything like that, but I have to remember that it's only paint and easily fixed if I mess up.
    Oh, best of luck in my giveaway!

  4. Welcome to my following friends, so glad you stopped by.
    Love the decorating ideas, I too, like that technique on that last photo.
    I also like your page decorations so different and fresh.
    Come by so and often. Happy Wednesday Blessings ;-)

  5. I love faux! I admire it from afar wishing I had the courage and energy to attempt to faux a wall or two. I am amazed the the creativity of other people and inspired by their art!

  6. Wow, what amazing walls. I really love the last photo as well - beautiful.


  7. Beautiful homes and photos. Thanks for sharing them and thanks for visiting the other day.

  8. Hey, Marla! Nice pics....guess what?? You won the B's purses giveaway, so please email me with your info and I'll get you in contact with Beth, with B's purses. You are eligible to get a purse for 1/2 price too if you'd like. Yippee!!