Saturday, May 22, 2010

What makes me happy

Just been thinking about all the blessings in my life, the people, the pets, the moments and things in my life that bring me much joy and happiness.  So here a few images that remind me, to be thankful and remain joyful.

Hammock by the pool.

Hydrangea blooming in the morning sunlight!
My puppy, oh yeah, who wouldn't be happy.

Bacoba cascading over the pool edge, happiness.
See the morning dew on this web, yes that makes me happy too

This is my Zach, he makes me so happy I call him Pro-Zach kitty

Blooms of Amarylis, Oh yeah, happy

Blooms of Hibiscus, only last a day, but Oh how glorious!

Have I mentioned a new purse always makes me happy

Discovering a new setting on my camera that lets me get really great close ups
little green tomatoes on the patio
Right now the color of this chair, aqua, really makes me smile.
See Our little house finches, their are 4 more of  them in the nest.
Here they are before they cracked through their shells. yep they make me happy!

I happened to stumble on this blog, Pure Style Home.loved the post and wanted to share.  She helped with a makeover of a living room at a local Woman's Shelter.

For a great giveaway hop on over and see Marla at Alway's Nesting.  TJ Maxx gift card Woo Hoo, hope I win.

Thanks for stopping in, I love to hear your comments.   Marla

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Woo Hoo, I did it!

chair 10This is my latest and greatest project!  I thought I had a before to show you but alas I couldn't locate it this morning. This is a chair I found at the SA, one day I was there while they had a 15 minute sale of all furniture at 75% off.  This little honey cost me $4.99.
chair 12I sanded her down a bit and then covered her in aqua spray paint from Rustoleum.
chair 3The I rubbed her down with Raw Umber acrylic paint and rubbed most of it off with a damp cloth, leaving some in the grooves and sanded edges.
chair 14
chair 5
chair 6I covered the seat cushion with this Toile cloth that I picked up months ago for $.50 at the GW.  What do you think, does this qualify for "Woo Hoo Wednesday" Marla?  I think it is pretty wonderful and it is going to look so good in my bedroom redo.  The toile fabric was a kinda narrow width and I was afraid I wouldn't get to use it, but with some stretching and strategic placement I made it work.  I think it so beautiful.  Oops now I am bragging. 
Harley 16
Harley 18Just wanted to add this little vignette on my patio.  I love this pot with the bale blue Lobelia, it just keeps blooming and blooming.  The lantern I picked up at Ross a few weeks ago for $8.99 on clearance.  The birdie is a $.50 treasure from the thrift store.  You can see the blue Florida rug peeking in the corner, yes that is for my hubby, he's nuts over the Florida Gators!  Can't blame him it is his home town team and all!  Ya'll join Marla at Always Nesting and see who has posted for "Woo Hoo Wednesday".  Oh and I am also joining Kara at Look What I made , Be Inspired at Room to Inspire. and Transformation Thursday at the Shabby Chic Cottage.

While I am thinking about it sorry if this post is a bit wonky, I loaded them very fast this morning.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thrifty Crazy

bloggy 63
I honestly thought I would be a good girl this last couple of weeks and stay away from the GW.  I have really got to curb my obsession.  I need and want to stay home on my days off and get some projects finished at home.
So as usual on my way to somewhere else my car just decides to take a little side trip and next thing I know I am in the parking lot at the GW.  Oh brother, this is a sickness.
bloggy 65
Found these great dessert dishes and one small bowl, they were all $.99 each.
bloggy 66
they compliment this other pattern by the same manufacturer that I picked up a while ago.
bloggy 72
Ok this tea cup was all alone on the shelf and I had this yellow saucer at home already, they needed to be together.  The teacup was $1.99, the saucer I got a while ago for $.59.  A match for sure.bloggy 30
bloggy 31
Ok this sweet cup and saucer were $2.59 or something like that also at the Hospice attic, I just thought it was so precious, had to come home with me.  the picture below is the other side of the cup.
bloggy 33
Ok these things are an impromptu gathering of some items I have been collecting in anticipation of changing some things in our Master.  I have to paint the walls in there and then my transformation can begin.  Very soon I hope.
bloggy 43
The white urn, the aqua blanket, the basket, the ceramics bowls and the platter are all thrifty finds.  I am going for aqua blue and browns and creams in the bedroom and bath.
bloggy 45
The bowls are the most recent finds, the floral one was $.25 and the ruffled one $.59.  The platter I bought at Marshall’s for $2.99.  The leather like box under the bowls a thrifty gW find from months ago.
bloggy 49
This is silver engraved baby mug, all polished up, got it this week at the GW $2.99
bloggy 57
This bowl is so pretty, don’t you think? 
Ok this is sort of a thrifty find, I bought it before Easter at Ross.  It was $39.  I have gotten oodles of compliments from everybody.  It is my perfect summer bag and goes with everything just about.
bloggy 51
bloggy 52
I heart purses!! 
bloggy 53
Hope you enjoyed my thrifty items, I so love your comments.  thanks for stopping by.  Marla
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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello

Have your ever seen Monticello?  The on-line catalog that is?  I stumbled on this site and really liked some of what I saw.  I especially liked the birdies, like many of you I am really enjoying the birds, the live ones outside my window and all the faux decorative ones too!


Whoo wouldn’t love this?




This is so adorable, but I think you may need to go to the site to see it better.



A door knocker, cute.



Oh yeah, now that is a cloche!


How cute these mushrooms are.  If you need the faux kind go here.



Very french vanity set, this was $95.  Ah no! 




I really like these, they have sayings from Thomas Jefferson!




Some of their items are reasonably priced, other’s rather high, but I got some inspiration from their stuff and might even consider a purchase in the future.  Hope you enjoyed the pictures.