Saturday, May 22, 2010

What makes me happy

Just been thinking about all the blessings in my life, the people, the pets, the moments and things in my life that bring me much joy and happiness.  So here a few images that remind me, to be thankful and remain joyful.

Hammock by the pool.

Hydrangea blooming in the morning sunlight!
My puppy, oh yeah, who wouldn't be happy.

Bacoba cascading over the pool edge, happiness.
See the morning dew on this web, yes that makes me happy too

This is my Zach, he makes me so happy I call him Pro-Zach kitty

Blooms of Amarylis, Oh yeah, happy

Blooms of Hibiscus, only last a day, but Oh how glorious!

Have I mentioned a new purse always makes me happy

Discovering a new setting on my camera that lets me get really great close ups
little green tomatoes on the patio
Right now the color of this chair, aqua, really makes me smile.
See Our little house finches, their are 4 more of  them in the nest.
Here they are before they cracked through their shells. yep they make me happy!

I happened to stumble on this blog, Pure Style Home.loved the post and wanted to share.  She helped with a makeover of a living room at a local Woman's Shelter.

For a great giveaway hop on over and see Marla at Alway's Nesting.  TJ Maxx gift card Woo Hoo, hope I win.

Thanks for stopping in, I love to hear your comments.   Marla


  1. What a beautiful post! It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and forget to be thankful.


  2. I could definitely go live and be happy forever after in your yard. Wow, is that something! You certainly have a lot of blessings. I'm smiling over your puppy's big head and feet. It reminds me of when the kids are about 12 and they grow so awkwardly for a few years.:)

  3. What a sweet post and beautiful pics! I love the WEB! Be blessed. Cindy

  4. Your happy photos all work for me too! Especially that puppy! I agree bout the close up shots, they are really special. I love digital photography.

  5. Beautiful pics! I love pro-zach! That made me laugh! I am the other blogger in Gville (really High Springs). I would love to meet sometime and share blogging secrets! Right now I am recovering from a broken thumb that I received from a car accident. But hopefully I will be out and about real soon!

  6. What a happy post! I especially love that hammock. It looks so peaceful!

  7. Such lovely and peaceful pictures! Being the cat lover I am I sure did smile when I read what you call your kitty! :)

    Thanks so much for your nice comments about my mom. I finally posted again today about her progress.


  8. What beautiful pictures! I just love the web blows my mind how detailed even spiders are! Thank you so much for sharing from one RN and cat lover to another :)

  9. Hi Marla,
    I'm lovin' your blog. Yes I live in Idaho. Poppies love elevation and cooler temps and where I live seems to be perfect growing conditions. Tahnk you so much for stopping by and your sweet message. Your pictures are just stunning!