Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Bordallo and more

I have always admired many of the Bordallo plate collections I have seen on some of your blogs.  Well I happened upon 2 plates and a bowl at the GW, I spotted then on the bottom shelf and swooped down on them like a vulture on it’s prey.  The cost for each piece!!! Wait for it… 0.59 cents each!!!  I know they are yellow and you don’t usually see them in yellow, but I think they are beautiful and yellow happens to be one of my colors.
 halloween 003
This was also found on the same day, I paid a little more than I wanted, but it won me over with the sweet little feet on the bottom and the lid with its lidded top.  It was $3.99.
halloween 004 
This is something I have had in a drawer for a few years , finally I painted that part of the kitchen so I could go ahead and hang them.  The spoons were a gift from my SIL, the holder I happened upon at the hospital gift shop, perfect score.
halloween 002

halloween 001

Join me at Whatever goes Wednesday

Yes I know I haven’t been posting forever, I still check in on my favorite bloggers from time to time.  Hopefully life will slow down, but not looking like it will anytime soon.  My parents are moving from out of state to live just a few miles away from me.  I still work full time and our 2 son’s (20 and 24) are still close and need our time and attention and money.
So I will post when I can.