Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Old Haviland China/12 place settings


Well I don’t usually do this, but this beautiful pattern of Haviland, called Varenne is a really old pattern.  Each piece is numbered.  I have placed them on Craigslist and should probably be putting them on E-Bay.  There are 97 pieces all together, not any scratches or chips, excellent condition.  12 Dinner plates, 12 bread and butter plates, 12 cups, 12 saucers and 1 oval serving bowl.  This set belongs to my mom.  She is asking $500.  I looked them up and found some pieces listed on e-bay.

The following are the e-bay prices:

The cup and saucers sets were listed for $24.99 each.

Bread and butter plates $12.99 each.

Oval bowl $38.99.

Did not find the Dinner plates on e-bay but they have to be worth about $24.99 each.

So you can see if you add this up with 12 of everything it would easily be $1000.00.

DSC01132 DSC01133 DSC01134 DSC01135

Aren’t they beautiful?DSC01136 DSC01137 DSC01138 DSC01140 DSC01143

You can really see the pattern in these pictures! 

Does anyone know what it means that each one has a different number stamped on the back?

DSC01141 DSC01142


  1. Merry Merry Christmas! May your stocking be filled with blessings!

    Hugs, Carrie
    Love the beautiful china!

  2. Oh, Marla! This post is making me drool! Simply gorgeous! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year to you and your family!...hugs...Debbie

  3. Beautiful... I love Haviland and this is just gorgeous!! You might want to contact Replacements Limited about any questions you might have. They've been reselling china for years. Just Google them :)