Saturday, September 25, 2010

Before and After, Welcome

door 001

This is what our front door has been since we bought the house 4 years ago, white is okay, but it shows everything and always getting dirty and buggy, this is Florida.

So Hubby and I decided to change it up.  I took him to Home Depot with me, figured he would have to like it if I let him pick the color, we knew we wanted blue, I thinking something dark and subdued, he thinking blue, like University of Florida, blue.  So he and the paint guy have this conversation and well Home Depot has all the college colors, soooo.  To make this story shorter I painted two coats of Florida Blue on the front door, and well lets just say it was visible from Florida Field, our front door was glowing!!  Even Hubby didn’t like it.

So I returned to Home Depot by myself and found a better shade of blue, don’t you think?

door2 001

By the way the husband is very pleased with the color and told me I did an excellent job!!

door2 002

The wire basket is from SL,m the leaves I picked up at Michaels last week,

door2 003 door2 004 door2 005

The mums are sort of Orange so we got our Gator colors in the end! 

door2 006

Little bird in the pot says Welcome!

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  1. I love your front door. It's a beautiful shade of blue.

    Our painters just finished our house TODAY,Woo Hoo! The front door is still drying and I can't hang anything till hoo. I want so bad to get all my fall decor stuff on my porch but I have to be patient and we all know that's one of my biggest "issues."

  2. Very Pretty! Like your basket. I need to replace the wreath on my door for something more appropriate for Fall.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. The blue is gorgeous! The color made a big difference!

    Go Gators!

  4. Now that is a beautiful shade of blue! Love it with the mums and of course the little bird! I can't say go Gators as I'm from Bulldog country (You know where that is right?)

  5. I live near Atlanta. My daughter lives in Athens and graduated from UGA so we have a connection to the Bulldogs.

  6. Love that pop of color on your door...looks GREAT!


  7. Love the blue door! Thanks for the visit and comment!

  8. LOVE the blue door.

    i love painted front doors. mine is red.

  9. The blue is sooo pretty and inviting! Love it!