Friday, July 17, 2009

The family silverware

Hey I am reposting this post for Marie's Heirloom party, check it out here. I did not have time for a new post, but this one fits the bill.

This one says Baby Beatrice, my aunt (to enlarge any picture just click it)

A ladel

A relish set

This is a childs fork
See the letter "B" below

After reading Manuela's blog here on displaying silverware, and as always she is so creative! I decided to do a short post on some of my family silver. These pieces were my grandmother's, I never knew my Grandparent's on my dad's side, they were deceased before I was even thought of. I heard stories from dad who grew up in Hollywood CA in the 1930's and 40"s. His parents were very wealthy and had servants, who partially raised my father. Then the great depression came and they lost just about everything and then his father died while my dad was a teenager, so he and my grandmother did the best they could. I believe that many of the family heirlooms were sold, many for far less than their worth.

My parents currently have a few items, mostly some china and a couple of pieces of leaded glass ware. I recently aquired the few pieces of silverware. I remember as a youngster, pulling out all of these treasures and expecially shining the silverware and seeing the details appear magically. Even now I love to find a piece of silver and bringing it back to it's intended glory.


  1. Your family silverware is absolutely gorgeous! I love the Baby Beatice piece and the spoons with the "B". Pieces like this are such treasures anyway and when they are part of your family herilooms they are even more wonderful than ever.

  2. Marla you are off to a great start here. I really like the way you photographed the spoon in two shot and then lined them up. Pretty artsy girl.

    Your banner is also very interesting. Something different. Nice.

  3. I'm glad you have some of that family silver! It is so pretty.

  4. Stunning, absolutely stunning pieces. I collect monogrammed silver, I just love them. Your pieces are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing them!

  5. Hello Marla - thank you for joining the party! What beautiful silver you have! I especially love the one that says "Baby Beatrice" as that is my Gramma Bea's full name. How sweet. I'm so happy you have these pieces to enjoy!


  6. Your family silver is gorgeous! I'm glad she saved it so that you have it now. What an amazing story.