Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas house tour

First of all I want to show you, what late December in Florida looks like. My yard has a few suprises this time of year. Ahh so lovely, this Hibiscus sits in a pot and my lanai and just keeps blooming and blooming month after month..

Croton, by the pool.
Knock out roses still blooming too.

In this picture you can see my azalea bushes bloming.

These are planters by the front door.

Fresh Chocolate hazelnut biscotti.

This would be my snowman explosion.

Our anniversary ornament, from the Chattanooga Choo Choo, our first date in 1981.

This is the top of our entertainment center.

Our Christmas kitty.

This is my Dept 56 Dickens village, or at least part of it close up.

Thanks for joining me for my Christmas tour.


  1. Hello Marla,
    Everything is looking so beautiful and very festive at your lovely home. Love it all!

    ~Merry Christmas! ~Melissa :)

  2. What a cute snowman collection you have! Your home looks just beautiful and lucky you that you have so much blooming now!

    Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  3. Hi Marla, Love those snowmen and the village. Lucky you to be having all those blooming plants this time of year! I wish I could keep my ferns growing on my porch, but it's just too cold here (only a few miles away in northern Georgia!). Linda

  4. What a treat to see those flowers. Everything is so lovely! I love the star fish peeking out of the mercury glass.

  5. Marla, Marla, Marla!!! What a treat for me to have our paths cross. This is so interesting because I had your same background awhile ago and changed it in the fall. Same name, same taste in blogs and same passion for decorating. It will be interesting to see how much we have in common.

    Your photography is just awesome! I keep working with and working with my camera and I fall short. I think part of my issue is the gray winter days and part is user error.

    So Miss Marla - I am pleased as can be to have you as m blogging buddy!

  6. Marla Marla Marla! Yes indeed a treat to cross your path. So I was looking at your blog today and noticed you are an Oregon Ducks fan?! I have lived in Oregon for a large part of my life, Portland area. So wondering why you are a ducks fan. I of course am a Gator fan, but the ducks would be my second choice. I love photography and am still trying to improve my skills. I have a thing for flowers, but still working on those inside shots. thanks for noticing my pictures and for visiting me. Look forward to visiting you and your blog in the days to come. Marla