Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vintage Hankie collection

I am also joining Cindy's Show and Tell Friday at My Romantic Home, Cindy's blog was the first blog I discovered over a year ago and I have been a follower ever since. So go on over and check her blog out, it is wonderful!! Trust me you'll love her.

If you haven't seen Centsational Girl's post today about what makes a house a home, I encourage you to check it out. I absolutely love what she has put together. It really puts meaning into the term "Home Sweet Home". A home is so much more than just a house.

I need to apologize for the large amount of photos that I have in this post. When I was a girl my mother had a collection of hankie's, I remember her giving me one to have in my very first purse. Through the years growing up I would often go to the box where she kept them all and I would unfold each one and admire them one at a time and then fold them back up and put them away. Several years ago mom bestowed the majority of her collection to me. Now I keep them all in a special box of my own and again as in years past I take them out and admire them, all over again. It never feels like they are old or boring and each time I notice another little detail that I missed the last 20 times. Anyone else out there do this kind of stuff?

This is me trying to find fun ways to display, at least for a photo shoot of sorts.

After Chrismas I went to an Antique mall in High Springs, FL and found some very special monogrammed hankie's. I even found one with my initial "M" and then a "B" maiden initial So very very cool, don't ya think? Besides that I am in love with monogram's these days, as many of you are.

Here are all the monogram ones together. Love em!

Love this butterfly.

Hand embroidery, so sweet with pink and blue.

This is linen, but almost looks burlap, hand crochet border.

Not sure what this is called?

Oh this one is special, it is hand crocheted on the border.

Tiny cross stitch on this one, also linen. This is one I have added recently from a thrift shop with several other linen pieces, they all had brown spots on them. After soaking in Oxyclean they magically disappeared. Good stuff I tell you, that and Zout, can't live with out them.

This one was my first ever hanky, it is the thinest one of all, I think it got used alot and washed many, many times. When I was in grade school I was known to collect rocks, caterpillars and all manner of things and wrap them in my hankie for safe keeping, and then there was the occasional runny nose!!

This one is soooooooo pretty!

This is lace border.

Can't leave out the middle pattern as well.


  1. Now what's not to love about the M monogram, LOL. I LOVE those hankies. They are such a gentle reminder of days gone by. Each and every one is beautiful.

    Your photo shoot is fabulous. Awesome creativity!

    The Other Marla :)

  2. I have a hanky collection as well. I just love all the ones with flowers. Enjoyed seeing some of yours!

  3. The one with the pink and blue flowers is so sweet. Really, charming!

  4. these are soooo sweet and precious. i like that you have some of them displayed too.

    very nice collection.


  5. I will be your snuffly nosed partner here. The worst part is the sore red nose. Ugh.
    What treasures you have there. How nice to have something like that from your mother.

  6. A wonderful collection; thanks for sharing. I have a few old hankies myself. One of my favorites I use on my antique dresser in my bedroom. It's square with a scalloped border and pretty colors, so I unfold it and use it sort of like a dresser scarf or doily, if you will.

  7. Those are truly beautiful! I have a small collection, I posted about it last week.

  8. Marla,
    This incredible collection of hankies look like they came from "COTTAGE CHARM"...that was my antiques business that I had for 6 years. I can't begin to try and put a number on how many hankies that I sold during that time...your pics bring back wonderful memories for me...thanks so much! Your new header looks OUTSTANDING!!!


  9. Your hankie collection is awesome!! I have a few, but I look for them all the time at yard sales and goodwill.

  10. I have the hankies my MIL collected. They, too, are pretty interesting. I try to lay out a hankie or two at holiday time on the dresser. It seems there is always something that will fit at each occasion. I love the ones that have tatted edges. I wish I had some permanent and dust free way of showing them off.
    Stop by Applejack Lane if you have the chance. I may have to do a post on my hankies!

  11. Another hankie lover. I think the monogram ones are great gifts for brides to be...celebrating their new initial.