Sunday, January 31, 2010

Silver Sunday and Spring Fever

Nothing says Spring like Tulips. Yes, had to have some, got them at Publix, where else. The Anjou Pears too. I know a lot of my friends in TN and NC, really got buried in the snow this past weekend. Just remember Spring is just around the corner.

This red dish is a new GW purchase, the cloche fits perfectly.
I love the contrast of the lime green and red. The Blue green paint on the wall makes the chairs look goldish color but they are more lime green. To me it looks terrible with the wall color. But I think I have posted before that we have very high ceilings like 14 feet or more and the ceiling is the same color. I need some help with this room.

See the wall on the opposite side of the room, the sitting room is the same color as the dining room.
I plan to use chair covers until I get the paint changed.
This is a very special heart, given to me by my dear friend Mary. Not sure how it is made, but it is very fragile and hollow in the middle.
One of my silver engraved bowls, this one is small.
This is a recent GW purchase too, a wine bottle coaster, inside the glass is my collection of silver napkin rings, some of them match the coaster perfectly, all of them found at different times and locations.
This is one of my favorite Christmas gifts. It was given to me by
S. my brother's girlfriend. She purchased this very beautiful candle holder at the Metropolitan Gift Shop in NYC. I just love it!!
Isn't amazing how something so non-traditional can blend with traditional items. Timeless beauty, that's what I call it. Hope you'll join Gypsy Fish, for Silver Sunday posts, there are a ton of great posts.
I love hearing from all of you blogging friends!


  1. Love your timeless beauty! Happy Silver Sunday and so nice to meet you. ~ Lynn

  2. That candle holder is so unique and I can see how it would easily fit in to a lot of decors. Happy SS!

  3. Oh, spring, spring! The tulips are gorgeous!! I picked up a couple of flowers to add to my porch pots today. I'm in dire need of spring.

    I just love all your silver. You've blended old and new so beautifully.

  4. What pretty silver treasures. Like your table vignette. Yes - tulips are a sign of Spring.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  5. Marla I just love your taste in decorating, I agree about the red bowl and the green pears. I love the washed out colors of the red and green, my fav color combination is green and purple, but like a ashy purple and a sage green. I am pretty picky about the shades so it is hard to find things in the perfect shades.
    keep up the good blogging.

  6. When you have a classic shape or design, then you can mix and match successfully, which you do. Beautiful pictures.

  7. The candleholder looks great with your other pieces...those tulips are beautiful and definetly speak to spring.

  8. Marla,
    I already am following you, I am the gray/white head. for some reason my profile pic will not show up on anyone's blog sites.
    I should have some way to click on something to be a follower. One way is to click on my little gray/white head and than something should pop up and there should be a box "follow" that you can click on to do that.
    try it and let me know.
    I am getting very aggravated right now b/c I want to change my whole template and it won't let me since I picked a ready made one.

  9. That was so pretty, and your blog is beautiful too! just makes you smile. I am new to blogging and will be hosting my first Meme on Friday. Please come and join for my first one:)

  10. I soooo love your candlestick from artsy and beautiful! Thanks for coming to the party...see you next Sunday!
    {{gypsy hugs}}

  11. This is so lovely!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  12. Beautiful post I love the tulips and the color of the dish you got at pretty...I'm an RN too! Love your silver pieces too!

    Miss Bloomers

  13. Love the tulips and the candle holder is so unique.

  14. Don't you just love tulips? And getting them now makes them cheery harbingers of spring! Your arrangement is lovely. The pears look beautiful with the tulips.
    Great minds think alike- I used white tulips this week.