Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Thrifty Treasures

Woot, woot, I'm doing my happy dance. Found these Southern Living Prints today at the GW.
I love anything from Southern Living at Home, and these prints are something I have loved ever since I first saw them several years ago while having a SL party for a friend. I always felt they were asking too much for them. So when I saw these on the shelf I knew exactly what I was looking at, they are actually in their original packaging. I paid $7.99. I know exactly where I am going to put them too.

This is the artist name.

They are called Tuscan Countryside. I love the colors and they match just about everything in my house.

I have also been drawn to books at the GW. I found the top and the bottom design books for a buck each.

Rarely do I look for shoes at GW, but couldn't resist these. My husband calls them "s-h-i-t" kickers! They are BCBG Girls and hardly worn.

These are navy and look like they were never worn.

OK this is a small thing but the spoon rest is black and matches my cannisters, not bad for $.99.

These are a couple of neat books.

You never know what will turn up at the GW. Saw a friend there today with her beautiful baby girl. She picked up some beautiful eyelet white curtains from Pottery Barn Kids.

Chelsea at Room to Inspire is having a marvelous giveaway. So go on over there and check out her beautiful blog and enter for the giveaway.


  1. You did get some deals. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Is your Goodwill the Nordstrom Goodwill? Lucky you. Your finds are fantastic!! I want to shop with you.

  3. Great finds at the Goodwill! I love all things Southern Living so if I had come across those prints you would have heard a loud "YES!". I have found some great books at GW too. Lucky visit for you!

  4. I know I just posted about spring on your most recent post, but then I saw this one, about Goodwill treasures and of course had to take a peek at what you found there. I have so much fun when I go there, you never know what treasures you will find.

  5. LOVE your goodies. LOve the art...but my fav are the "kickers". LOVE those! Bet you can kick some and drum up some at the same time in those. LOVE EM! Thanks for sharing today. Thank you also for linking up to Thrifty Thursday!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  6. Looks like you hit the motherload at the GW! Way to go girl! What an amazing deal on the prints!

    P.S. I'm an RN too!

  7. Nice to see someone else with a really great Goodwill! Love the SL prints and those BCBC shoes rock!! Love them!!