Sunday, February 14, 2010

Florida Oranges

With one of the coldest Florida winter's on record this year, I had heard gloomy reports about the orange crops here. I am not in the business of growing citrus, but when my hubby and I traveled south last weekend we saw multiple groves of Oranges and the trees were loaded. This was in the Lake Wales area.

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I can still smell them, when I look at this picure.

We passed this truck hauling oranges.

Hope you all enjoyed these pictures, sorry there are so many. But I have a hard time choosing my favorites.


  1. Great pictures. Hope they did not get to much damage from the cold.

  2. I wasn't even there and I can almost smell them through your wonderful photos. I love the ones with the bright blue background especially the last one.

  3. Great pictures of our Florida oranges!

    ~ Tracy