Monday, February 22, 2010

Easter Vignette's and Tabletop Tuesday

Okay I am having challenges posting today, for some reason I am cut off from adding any more
pics. Is there a limit? I am pretty sure I have posted more than this at one time.

Anyway I am joining up with, A stroll thru Life, for Tabletop Tuesday.

This picture below shows a PartyLite candle holder my SIL gave me a few years ago. This last year I found a large rubbermade container of Christmas Ornaments at GW and in that box there were these little Beatrix Potter characters, they are really ornaments to hang, but I think they are adorable, and if I could add another picture you would see I have them under a cloche, but removed it for this pic.

This china cup also a Beatrix Potter found at GW recently. The nest is from our yard last summer.

Please don't look at the dust in this one, these are up high on my bookcase.

This is my coffee table vignette, I love the moss in the the silver bowls.

This butterfly bell is from my very dearest friend Sheri, I have had it for almost 30 years/

After Easter last year I found some rediculously cute Easter items at rediculously low prices at Pier 1 and HomeGoods. At the time I was blog stalker and had been seeing all the spectacular Easter and Spring Vignette's on all my favorite blogs. So naturally I began to think like you all and started gathering for the next year, that is this year. I have been anxiously awaiting the time to pull my new treasures out and that was today. I am sharing some of the things I played around with today, but I have a feeling I will be continuing to tweak in the days and weeks ahead.


  1. Marla,

    you have the coolest ideas for decorating.

  2. It all looks so beautiful! I love the BP cup! I would have bought that too! I haven't put out my spring decor yet but after seeing yours I ready!!!

  3. What a lovely blog! I really like the bunny theme under the cloche.

  4. I do that too! Shop the end of season sales this year for next! It's the smart way to shop (if I say so myself LOL).

    I love all your spring vingettes! The moss in the silver is my favorite too. I like what you did on the top of your bookcase. Love that print!

    It all looks great!