Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Part II Tabletop Tuesday

Well my post yesterday was cut short, I am sure due to user error, but these are the rest of the pictures from my Tabletop Tuesday post. Love these Primroses, these always remind of spring.
My cloche over a my Beatrix Potter tea cup. I did post some of these yesterday, but today I have a close up, keep scrolling down.

Ahh here is the close up isn't it beautiful, it is Royal Doulton from England.

Here is my Beatrix Potter family under glass in front their eggplant home. This is a PartyLite tea light holder. Such a sweet little vignette, don't you think?

I must confess I don't know all the character's and their names, but I used to know.

I love your comments.


  1. Marla-Your cloches is are lovely and I love the Beatrix Potter tea cup. I too love primroses and have some in my kitchen. Good luck with your daffodils!

  2. I love Beatrix Potter. Out of all my daughter's book as a child, those were the ones we made sure to keep. Hey I also just wanted to say, if you are ever up in Maine, I will show you around 10 Goodwill stores in 25 miles of home. I am in Gorham with 1 that is next door to Windham and Raymond with one each, and on the other side is Portland with 3, South Portland with 2, Falmouth with 1 and Biddeford with 1. Yup, I can do them all in a day. That doesn't even count the Salvation Army shops. No wonder I do too much thrifting. Thanks for stopping by to say hi.

  3. I know Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail, and Peter. Was there a Jemina Puddleduck???
    I probably have the wrong story!!!

    I do love Beatrice Potter. Yours are adorable under the cloches.

  4. Marla how beautiful! Your cloches look so pretty as does your lovely home.

    ~Blessings, ~Melissa :)

  5. Marla,

    What a sweet spring cloche! (I type as the snow accumulates outside my window!) I wish I could take up short term residence in your cloche.

    I saw your comment on Rhonda's blog and wanted to clarify that the postcard exchange is NOT vintage cards.( I posted some photos of a collection I inherited from my Gram but I am not exchanging those nor do I expect anyone to send me part of their collection.)
    If you stop by you will have a better understanding:


    - Deborah

  6. How cute your cloche displays are...and isn't it so much easier to dust? I mean really!

    Beatrix Potter is a favorite.

  7. Great post....very creative.

    Smiles ~ Ramona

  8. Oh the teacup is wonderful and all the more so under the cloche!

  9. Your tabletop and photos of it are absolutely beautiful. I hope you are having a wonderful day, Marla.