Sunday, August 9, 2009

Beachy guest room and thrifty treasures

This is our beachy guest room. It has been so fun putting this room together. We found the furniture on Craigslist. The furniture was a very dingy and dirty white color, already "distressed". Well this is the project that started my knowledge and my fascination for blogging. In searching the web for instructions on how to pain and distress furniture, I came upon Cindy's blog, "My Romantic Home". I followed her post on painting furniture to a the letter and have been in love with my furniture ever since. I then became a stalker of Cindy's blog and then her blogger friend's blogs and finally after 6 months I started my own blog.

The big shell lamp was a gift from my sister many years ago. She collected the shells and made the lamp for me. I love it!

The cute frame with the roses was $.99 at the goodwill. This room has a beachy cottage feel and the roses on the frame and in the linens just goes so nicely with the striped comforter and shams on the bed.

Our guests tell us that it a very inviting and comfortable retreat, just the atmosphere we were hoping to achieve

The big prints on the wall and the linen are from JC Penney..
I love cookbooks, these were $1 each except the Rachel Ray one was $.50. I love the pictures in the Vegan World Fusion Cuisine. Recipes come from a restaurant in Hawaii.

Big spoon and Fork, $1 each. Can't wait to paint and hang up in kitchen.

This pitcher is enamelware and very large. I paid $5.

Check out all the thrifty treasures over at Rhoda's at Southern Hospitality.


  1. Very pretty stuff! I love those utensils ... those have been all over the place on blogland but I've never seen any when I got shopping! Lucky you!!

  2. Very pretty! I'd be a happy guest there. The bed is very similar to one in my small guest room... we have similar tastes :-)

  3. Hi Marla !
    I love that spoon and fork and I will add to my cookbooks for a buck , anytime.
    I am in love with the bedroom - it is beautiful !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  4. My mom had a giant fork and knife in our kitchen. I wonder whatever happened to them. Maybe they crossed the border and made their way from Vancouver, B.C. to Florida and now they are in your home where they will be appreciated. Okay it was a stretch.
    You did get some good deals.
    The room looks really fresh and bright.

  5. Hi Marla, hey I love your beachy room. The lamp with sea shells is a great idea! In answer to your question about bead board, I bought it from American Blinds on line.

  6. I ♥ the fork and spoon as well! Beautiful guest room.

  7. My favorite is the pitcher! Gorgeous!

  8. Marla, what a pretty beachy room, I love it. Everyone's finding those huge forks & spoons out at the yardsales these days. I haven't seen one, but if I do, I just might have to get it too. Thanks for playing!

  9. Your beachy room is so pretty! That lamp is goreous and really makes the room. Wonderful finds - I know everyone is in love with those big forks and spoons these days!