Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Grandma's Quilt

Quilter's Poem

Love is a quilt---- a quilt is love----

Both love and a quilt should be:

Soft enough to comfort you,

Bright enough to cheer you,

Generous enough to enfold you,

Light enough to let you move freely,

Strong enough to withstand adversity,

Durable enough to last a lifetime,

And given gladly, from the heart.

Author Unknown

Aah the old swing, I remember my grandma's front porch in Tennessee. It was painted white and hung just outside the kichen window. My cousin and I would sit and swing and swing, sometimes a little wildly. Forever will I think of my grandma when I see an old porch swing and quilts.

Sitting in the shade, on my swing, leafing through my new books. You need to own these two books. I ordered mine from Amazon and I got them in 3 days. First of all Tara Frey, has authored a very informative and beutifully illustrated book on Blogging. I am new to blogging and am anticipating that I will become much better blogger in the future.
The second book is authored by Barbara Jacksier and features spectacular photography of waterside homes along with decorating advice. I am drooling over each page.

Swinging in the shade.

This quilt is called "Around the World".

These quilts are very old, 2 of them were made by my grandmother and 1 by my husbands grandmother. They are all 3 very well loved and have the wear marks to show it.

See the kitty print?


  1. I love old quilts. I don't have any but have a couple newer ones made by a friends grandma. Not the same. The fabrics are new and lack that old charm.
    I would like several to hang on an old wooden ladder. (which I also don't have)

  2. So lovely! I wish I had some of our old family quilts.