Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Colorado Cabin Decor

The pictures in this post are all taken in the town of Frisco CO. We spent an afternoon visiting this charming little town just a few minutes from Copper Mtn and Vail, CO.
The shops on this street are very neat, we especially liked the western and lodge decor and antiques stores. This is a chair made from ski's. Such a cool idea.

This is a tobogan turned into shelves. I have always dreamed of living in a log cabin. I think reading the Laura Ingall's Little House series as a kid, made me wonder what living in a cabin would be like.

These are some items displayed on a shelf, mining lights and such.

This table was set with this beautiful bear pottery. The large chandelier above this lovely table was made from antlers. This furniture and the antler chandelier make me think this is something that would have been on the Ponderosa! Ha, another childhood obsession. Loved watching Bonanza as a kid.

Massive cabinet next to the massive table.

These furs were the softest thing I have ever felt. I see why the indian's and the settlers prized their furs. I could totally wrap up in one of these on a cold snowy night.

Wouldn't these be cool in an entry way of a log cabin, somewhere in the mountains.

This chair doesn't look too comfortable.


  1. The tobogan turned shelf would be great idea for a cabin in the woods! And that chandelier is fabulous...not quite the style of my home, but again would be perfect in a lodge-like setting!


  2. Hi Marla !
    I love your Colorado pictures - I am a bit biased as I live in Colorado....I don't know if I have been to Frisco....so pretty.....
    I wanted to thank you for visting me before/after surgery - your kind words ment the world to me ! I can hardly wait to join in with more blogging - just visiting all my favorite gals today !!
    Hugs ~ Kammy