Friday, September 18, 2009

Thrifty Finds

These prints are in my bedroom, found them at Goodwill this summer for $2.99 a piece. I love how they are so muted and serene.

I am joining Rhoda's Thrifty Find's Party over at Southern Hospitality.

My drapes are white cotton duck material and cost me very little, on clearance from Ross, I think about $6 per window.
The hanging votive holder was from Party Lite, have one on either side of dresser. These were not cheap, I bought them several years ago in support of my Sis-in-law who was hosting the party. They really are very pretty. Would you believe I had them for a few years before I ever put them up, pretty sad after paying over $100 for the pair. :)

This is a sweet card I recently purchased at a cute little shop in Micanopy, FL. Don't ya just love it!
This is my shabby chic bedding from Target. The bluish shams however I found just the other day at Goodwill. $1.99 a piece. Love this color!!

My bedroom walls are green and not the right shade for these blue pillow shams, but I love the color so much I don't care right now. I will probably paint the room a lighter version of the aqua. Shhh don't tell my husband. The walls were this color when we bought the house.

So here is another recent Goodwill goodie. I think it is either a table cloth or a bedspread. I don't know what you call this technique, but it is beautiful and reminds me of my blogger friend Kim at Daisy Cottage. For $3.99 I couldn't resist grabbing it, even though I'm not sure what to do with it.
One week a few weeks back I went a little crazy with books. But who can resist when they are $.25 or $.50 a piece.
A wine box full of ribbons, $1.99. What a steal!
This is a very lovely pillow, a high end one. $2.99 at you guessed it the Goodwill!

It is a dandelion in 3 stages of live. Large and looks like it was never used. Score!! It goes OK with my guest room, but not sure if it will stay there yet.


  1. You found some great things! I love the wine box.

    I would love to visit Micanopy again one day.

  2. Marla, what great finds! Love all those linens, you really scored on those. Thanks for joining the party this week.

  3. Hi Marla !
    I love your finds - really adore the ribbon - always on the hunt for them..You rocked on the great things this week !

  4. Nice buys! I loved Mary Kay Andrews' Deep Dish. A fun read. :) Visiting from Rhoda's party. :)

  5. I love it when I find something awesome at Goodwill. You found some great things.

  6. Wow! What great deals you have found! Love everything.

  7. Some great finds! My favorites are the books and ribbons! Visiting from Rhoda's party ... Thanks for sharing!

  8. I know what you mean about partylite - wow. Pricey. And I've seen it very cheap at good will and places like that... you cant sell it for near what it costs although people do pay a pretty penny for it on ebay if you still have the boxes for some retired things - if you want to go that way!

  9. I really like your dandelion pillow - so cute. Gee, you should combine it somehow with that chenille bedspread. Like the ribbons in your wine box...
    :-) Sue

  10. great finds! I never find anything at Goodwill :(

  11. Great thrifty finds! I love the dandelion pillow!


  12. Those shams are AMAZING for that price! Great steal!!


  13. GREAT finds!!! They all look lovely!

  14. oooh a box full of ribbons!! What a great find that was! Love the linens and the two pictures. Those are so pretty and you didn't even have to do anything to them!


  15. You know Im loving that blue pillow!!! You asked about my living room wall color. It's an older color called relaxed Kaki I think. I will check on the can and get back to you. I think it's a SW color as well. Thank you~

  16. What a great find you have with that pillow!
    Gotta LUV Goodwill!