Sunday, September 13, 2009

Some of my favorite things

Today I am sharing some picures of thrifty treasures which I have incorporated into my home, some are newer finds from over the summer and a few that I have had for a while. This red bucket found me in a little antique store in Hillsboro Oregon. It is Swedish and is called a Firkin, (storage bucket). I love the color and the little handle. the quilts on the shelf below are family heirlooms.

The metal scoop was a garage sale find, I paid a buck for it.

This metal basket also from the same garge sale, it was a bicycle basket, I took the hardware off of it that held it onto a bike. It was $4. I love it, this picture doesn't show the size too well, but it is larger than average. Right now I am using it outside to store placemats, silver and candles.

This painting was a recent Goodwill find, it's very old, the date of 1908 on the back, the painting is dark and aged and the frame is all wood. It was $2.99.

The metal scrollwork also a recent Goodwill find for $2.99

This plant stand also from the goodwill.

These plates from the Goodwill, I just love the ruffled edges.

My recent Ross purchase I got 8 placesettings for $30. I love the pattern, just what I have been looking for.

Chadelier before finding little shades at Goodwill.

With new shades.

The picture you see beyond my Chandy, also a Goodwill find.
See it closer below.. Glare from window on it, oh well you get the picture. :)

This has always been a picture I have admired. It was expensive by Goodwill standard, $19.99, but in new condition and a large size. Love love love it! Below you can see it's size and the plant stand next to it also a Goodwill find from this summer. $15.


  1. You really have an eye for plant stands. Now you've got me thinking about them.

  2. I must be shopping at the wrong Goodwill stores! You have found some amazing things and know how and where to use them--love those GW and Ross plates!

  3. WOW...great find at the Goodwill store! Love the framed pictures! Never thought to check out the Goodwill for frames before!


  4. Marla, thanks for stopping by and entering my give away. Your home is gorgeous! I love all your great deals and the way you've incorporated them. I'll be back! :)

  5. Love it all...I am having a give a way over at my place hope you can stop over...

  6. Marla I have passed on an award for you and your blog. You can stop by and pick it up for your sidebar.

  7. You have found some beautiful goodies!!! I love the way you have displayed them in your wonderful home!!!

    This is my first visit to your blog...I look forward to returning!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!