Saturday, March 13, 2010

Craigslist Before and After

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Well... I did it! I officially completed a transformation of a Craigslist find. I bought this cabinet for $100. That may sound high but it is a quality piece with solid parts. It was originally a wooden stain and the owner had it sponge painted and painted with flowers, all in pastel colors.

To view pictures larger, just double click on the picture.
See the wire screens in addition to the screen there is also glass. I took the wire out and just replaced with the glass, I didn't want to obstruct the view of the dishes inside. Oh the cabinet is also lighted and has 2 glass shelves with plate display grooves etched into the glass.
The paintings were on each side of the cabinet and on the drawers and inside.

This is inside the cabinet.

So I sanded the whole cabinet and painted with a grey primer. After that I applied two coats of Satin Black interior paint The final step was a clear protective coat from a spray can.
Here it is in my breakfaast nook. Finally it is done and looks so beautiful! I love it!
I reused the hardware, just sprayed them with a brushed nickel and then added dimension with a black permanent marker.

I filled it with some of my white dishes and pitchers. My plan is to put something on the back inside of the cabinet, like decorative paper or maybe bead board wallpaper. What do you think?

Here it is with the doors open. I placed my cookbooks on the bottom shelf, not sure it that is permanent. Whatever I know I will have so much fun changing the displays in this cabinet, whenever my little heart desires. My husband and my son just don't understand why I like to change things so often. They just shake their heads and smile at me.

Ahh, it feels so good to see it all come together. I am storing my table linens in the drawers. That will free up some space in my hall closet, maybe it will spur me on to organize my closet and then maybe eventually my whole house. :) One can dream!

Thanks for stopping by to see my transformation, I love your comments and feedback. Smiles, Marla


  1. I Love the redo! You did a great job. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow - what a great makeover and a great find! I'll spend a little more if it's quality wood and I think you got a steal here!

  3. nice Marla, you have some real talent. I would see that and think "oh I would like to get that and refinish or paint it" and never would.
    My nephew and bro-in-law, have bought quite a few things off of craig's list, John got a washer or maybe it was a dryer, from there.
    A nice one at that, one of the front loading energy efficient models.
    Jimmy even bought a sailboat off there, but has since sold it to buy 2 kayaks.
    anyway, that is a really nice piece and I admire your work. Mags

  4. Marla, Marla, Marla. Could that cabinet be any prettier???? LOVE IT!!!

    I love both the style and color. That's the perfect cabinet for Marla's everywhere :)

    I have that same white rooster sitting on my kitchen window sill.

  5. Outstanding ! Job well done ! Love it, Love it, Love it ! What a perfect size and you know how I love black ! I love your arrangements on the shelfs too !
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  6. Hi marla, thanks for stopping by my blog!! I love what you did, it turned out beautiful.You did such a great job. I'm a follower.....Kathy

  7. One word...WOW! Marla, you did a phenomenal job on that gorgeous cabinet. I want!! It looks so sophisticated. I love black pieces of makes your items POP! You did a wonderful job on the arrangement of items in the cabinet. You get an A+++++. Thanks for sharing. ~Liz

    P.S. Oh and thank you so much for your sweet comments. *smile*

  8. Me again! :) Thanks for stopping by. If you do put paper in the back, I would use double sided tape to attach it, so you can change it out when you want to with little effort. Either that or glue the decorative paper to pieces of cardboard or poster board then attach with double sided tape.

  9. I have never brought anything from craig's list, but maybe I should start looking... you did a great job. I look forward to you S.S. post, don't let me miss it.

  10. I am in looovvvee with your cabinet! You did such an amazing job. Your giving me the inspiration to get mine done. I hope mine looks as awesome as yours does!!

  11. This really looks like a totally different piece of furniture. I am into the black. It really gives a piece and a room some drama.

  12. Marla, That's a great new look for that china cabinet. Is there a little slide out serving ledge between the top and bottom half?

    Talk to you soon ;)
    Bunny Jean

  13. beautiful piece well worth the money , specially in black...

  14. Your metomorphsis is a fabulous one. It is a totally differnt and so upscale cabinet! The way you organized the inside is pretty too! From the black paint to the brushed nickel re-done hardware you did a stellar job! Kudos to you!

  15. What a fabulous find and even better makeover. It's stunning now.

  16. Your re-do came out beautifully!

  17. Wow, it looks so great in black! It really does look like a completely new piece.


  18. Love it! I don't know if I could've envisioned the after with as 80's as it looked before! Great job!