Sunday, March 21, 2010

Show Off Your Cottage Monday

I am participating in "Show Off Your Cottage Monday"  I have chosen the images that say cottage to me or more importantly home.  I love the cottage look, but I like "French Country" as well, so I think there are touches of cottage, french country, country, and vintage, and beachy throughout the house.

This is the display space above my kithchen cabinets, the ceilings are very high in my house and I feel if I didn't have something up there it would look really bare. 

Nothing says home like a tea pot on the stove.
With 2 son's in their 20's now, it is still Mom's Diner and yes open 24/7.

Out side on the lanai, I like to play with my treasures and make it feel like a country porch.
There is a porch swing out in the side yard, that reminds me of my grandma's front porch. 
Birds and nest's speak of cottage feeling.
Quilts, family heirlooms,
My beachy cottage quest room.  Or otherwise called the cats room.
Family pictures have to be included, this my baby with me on his 16th Birthday.
Plenty of linens and cloth napkins and baskets.
Big clock on the wall.
Wedding china in the dining room.
Inherited family silver
Thanks for allowing to share my home.


  1. Your home is beautiful. I love textiles and your are displayed so creatively.

  2. You have a very lovely home. Every picture says comfort to me. Very welcoming!

  3. Hi Marla, such lovely pictures. Your home is truly graceful!

    Barb ♥

  4. Your home is charming and welcoming. It's easy to see that it is designed with love.

    Susan and Bentley

  5. Marla,
    Everything is beautiful. Loving all your quilts.

  6. I love your mix of styles. That dark teal in the one photo is wonderful!

  7. Your home is gorgeous Marla. I looked at all your Easter decor too and just loved all your beautiful decorations and bunnies. Isn't Easter a wonderful time to celebrate. It is my favorite. I have posted some Easter fun too if you pop over. Love your photos. Have a great Monday. Deb

  8. What gorgeous vignettes! You are blessed to have such a beautiful home.

  9. Hi Marla,
    You have such a beautiful home. I really enjoyed your pictures and like the mix of styles and the quilts, especially the red and white.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog...hope you'll come back to visit often.

  10. Darling, I stumbled upon your blog and while here, I enjoyed my visit very much. Your blog is loaded with interesting posts and lovely photos. I have joined your followers, and will return often to visit with you.

    Love & Hugs

  11. Love your beautiful home and decorations, and especially your inherited silver! So beautiful!
    Best regards,