Friday, March 5, 2010

Vintage Black Friday Tole Tray and Beaded Purse

I am joining Vintage Black Friday at The French Cupboard with Jill from Gypsy Brocante.

I just love looking at everyone's vintage treasures, don't you? Imagine my suprise when I found this wonderful beaded purse with mother of pearl cameos on the clasp. I have never seen anything like this, at the same time I purchased a white one which I will have to share on White Wednesday, although I gave it to my SIL for Christmas, I still have pictures of the beauty. Where did I find it? At the GW of course, for $3.99.

I think this would look good with an outfit of jeans and high heel black boots, what do you think?

This beauty came to me at the Habitat store, she is a little beat up and has some rusty spots, but still has that vintage vibe
I love the hand painted roses and the detail in the design around the edges.

Hope you go and check out the other posts for Vintage Black Friday!


  1. You find the best stuff! Love the purse and tray.

  2. that purse is beautiful! Oh how I wish I had a goodwill around me....and I agree, with jeans and heels? Perfect.

  3. You did get some treasures! Love the purse - I think I would have had to keep it for Me! :-)