Monday, March 22, 2010

Late to the Party, more thrifty treasures

I am joining Rhoda at Southern Hospitality for Thrifty Treasures.  I love this linky party and believe it or not it is just as much fun seeing what other's find as finding my own treasures.  This hook was a recent GW find for $.99 and the lace panel was also $.99, does anyone know what it is, My thought is its a curtain panel, or table topper.  I thought it might make a nice table runner.
Close up the fringe.
This set of 4 green glasses was found at Haven Hospice thrift store, it is a new set, still has the stickers on the bottoms, also came in a heavy metal carrier, with a wooden handle/
The glass is thick with bubbles in the glass, I think I have seen these or similar ones at Pier 1.  They have olive branches etched into them.  I got everything for about $5. 

I really thought of these napkins with the olive pattern on them when I found the glasses.  These napkins in a set of 4 was found at the GW several weeks ago they were about $2 for all.
I found this white french porcelaine bowl also at Haven Hospice for $1.99, also found a few more pieces of vintage flatware for $.29 a piece.

Oh yes and this sweet little bunny, finally pulled this vignette together.  He was only $.49.
These are some napkin rings that I thought were pretty and $.49 each at the GW.
OK this chest was a last minute grab and go as the store was closing, I paid $9.99, later found the original price of $19.99.  I almost regret paying that much at the GW.  In fact I have started noticing that more things are being priced higher that usual, I think there is a new store manager or something going on.  Usually if I feel something is overpriced I will pass over it. 

Again found a couple pairs of shoes that I wasn't really looking for but couldn't pass them up.
At the GW shoes are $3.99, these AK shoes have never been worn.
These yellow ones are Dansko and show no wear on them.  These are popular with nurses and people who are on their feet alot.  I know they are bright but I can wear them with my scrubs in the hospital.  They are normally $130.  I got these for $5.99.


  1. Great Finds!! I have notice our Goodwill here is also raising their prices. Like you if its priced to high I pass it up....can buy new for that kinda price!

  2. Great things your found! I love the yellow clogs!

  3. I'm SOOOOO jealous! You got some great finds and the prices are just unbelieveable!

  4. Good point to bring out! Just because its at the Goodwill does not make it a good deal...there is still an art to our hunting:)

    I have 2 L-O-ves from your finds...the carrier those glasses are in is amazing!

    And...if the shoes are a size 8 and you get tired of name is Tenneil you can find me at dirtyhands-beautifullife!!!
    L-O-VE 'EM!!!

  5. Take me shopping with you!! You always have the best finds.

  6. Wow, you found some awesome deals. Love those glasses and they are new to boot.

  7. You got some great deals, especially on the shoes.
    Re: Changing out the back of your cabinet. Pat @ Back Porch Musings said she covered foam board to use in her's. Just thought you might like to know.

  8. Marla, Pretty good deals on this stuff! And even if you thought the little chest was a bit over-priced, at least you love it. Our GW is notorious for over-pricing items. There really aren't very many good deals unless someone who is inexperienced is at the pricing gun! LOL The reality is that GW is trying to be a regular retail store- heck, I can buy new at some of the discount stores for the same prices they are charging for "used." You have to be a savvy shopper at GW and SA, in my humble opinion.
    Your lace piece will be great as a bunched up table topper. Love the glasses/carrier, and I think that your new shoes are a real deal!
    ~ Sue

  9. Awesome favorites are the napkin rings and the vintage linen curtain panel!


  10. You found some wonderful deals Marla!

    ~Happy Spring! ~Melissa :)

  11. Hi Marla! What great finds! Love that lace panel and that glass set is wonderful! Happy week!...Debbie

  12. What a haul! You have a great eye for treasures. I really like the lace panel and the green glasses. Thanks for visiting my site. So glad it led me here to yours.


  13. Wow! So many great finds! I am loving the both pairs of shoes especially, what a steal!!

  14. Marla,

    You found so many wonderful, great deals! I love that hook in the first photo. I have moved alot over the past 10 years and just found a similar one that's longer that I'd misplaced. I immediately thought they looked so similar. I just love the style...but I wish I could have found mine for under $1!!! The lace is gorgeous as well. I wonder why people get rid of those things...good for us thrifters though!

  15. You are quite the shopper. I'd say you scored some wonderful things at the GW.
    Yep, their prices have gone up here too. I think everyone is getting in on the thrifting these days, so they are increasing prices. Don't get it.

    Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I now know about you and will be visiting you often.